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Retail Online Banking Upgrade

This upgrade will take your FMB Online Banking experience to a new level!  It has a new streamlined design giving you more control of how your account information is presented.  It offers all of the familiar tools and resources that you are accustomed to, including bill pay, account to account transfers, POP Money Transfers, exporting (now called downloading) and up to 18 months of your account statement history. Some of the new features include the ability to put your accounts in the order you would like to see them displayed, give them nicknames, designate favorites and even designate accounts you do not want to see on the screen. 

We have included on our website an all-inclusive Demo of the new online banking for your convenience. We encourage you to watch the video before the new online banking is launched so you will be ready to use it on October 23rd.


  1. If you have our online banking “bookmarked” on your computer you will continue to be taken to the old version online banking.  Please go to our website and log in from there and save a new bookmark.  If you are unsure what a “bookmark” is here is a brief explanation.  Many times when we visit a certain site often, on our computers a “bookmark” is created that saves a virtual address and sends you there each time you  log in.  If you haven’t saved a new bookmark by October 30th you will begin seeing the box below asking you to go to our website and log in from there.  From there you can save a new bookmark.

    online banking upgrade
  2. The ONLINE BANKING log in box will look slightly different.  The username and password must be typed in the box before you are taken to Online Banking.  The password will no longer be on a new page.  It will look like this:

    New online banking

As always, if you have any questions regarding the upgrade or need help logging in, please feel free to contact our customer service department at 1-800-382-0049 or your local branch for assistance.