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ACH Origination

Are you losing money every payday or billing cycle?

Can your business be more efficient?

If the answer to either of the above questions is “Yes” you should consider becoming an “ACH Originator”.  We provide a service that makes creating your own debits and direct credits simple and easy.  ACH Origination can be used for payroll or direct payments. ACH Origination puts you in control of your money.  With ACH, you can move money, pay employees and collect direct payments, all with a few key strokes.  In addition, this service helps cut your costs, while providing additional benefits for you, your employees, and your customers.

Here are a few Benefits of ACH Origination!

Reduce business costs by:

  • Reducing Check Costs
  • Lower Account Charges
  • Collect Recurring Payments
  • Improve Your Cash Flow
  • Lower Handling and Mailing Costs

You can also make Electronic Tax Payments quickly and easily through our eCorp Online Banking.

Ask a Personal Banker for more details.