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FMB Alerts

Welcome to FMB Alerts, we are pleased to offer you a convenient way to monitor your account activity. To sign up for FMB Alerts on your accounts, log into on-line banking, click the “New” link next to “Checking Alerts”, “Savings Alerts”, etc… on the account summary page.

If you have any problems setting up your FMB Alerts, please contact customer service. We hope you enjoy the convenience of FMB Alerts.


We will alert you, via e-mail or text message, when activity that you specify occurs on your account. Would you like to know when your balance drops below a certain amount, when a deposit is made, or when a debit card transaction posts? FMB Alerts can do that and more.

Farmers & Merchants Bank does not charge a fee for using FMB Alerts. Standard charges from your mobile provider may apply for text messaging. Please check with your mobile provider for details.

Text message alerts are brief so that it will often fit in only one text. E-mail alerts contain more information since they are not limited on size like a text message.

Put your Text Message Address in the E-mail address field. Your sms/text message address is your 10-digit cell phone number @ your mobile providers address. Below are some examples of mobile provider sms/text message addresses. If your provider is not listed, please contact them directly.

ProviderAddress (########## = your 10 digit phone number)

Sorry, for the following reasons Alerts should be used for informational purposes only :

  • Some gas stations and restaurants send through what is called a “Pre-Authorization” transaction, which can cause your account balance to appear higher or lower than it actually is. Example: If you swipe your debit card at the pump, the gas station sends through a “Pre-Authorization” for an arbitrary amount that they specify, usually between $1 and $100. This will “hold” that amount of funds in your account until they send through the transactions for the actual transaction amount. It can sometimes take up to 2 days for them to send through the actual transaction.
  • Debit Card transactions that you use your PIN on will generally post that same day. Transactions that you sign for may take 3-4 days depending on the merchant. So, at times you will have outstanding transactions that are not reflected in your account balance.
  • FMB Alerts are limited to the timeliness, description and information sent by the merchants.

It could be either of the following reasons:

  • Your contact information is set up on each alert. If you have recently changed your e-mail address or cell phone number you will need to edit each alert to your updated information.
  • If the alert is an e-mail alert check your Junk Mail folder, your spam filter may be re-directing your alerts. This can be avoided by adding “” to your e-mail contact list.
  • If an Alert template has been updated you will need to delete the original alert and set up a new one. We will notify you when a template has been changed.

The description in the drop down box is the “Nickname” of the accounts. To change the “Nickname” click on “Options” in the menu bar. The nickname section is at the bottom of the page. The nickname change will not take effect until the next time you log into on-line banking.

“Deposit Notification” alert is real time. It will inform you of any & all deposits when they memo posted to your account whether electronic or in person.

“E-Deposit Notification” is a once daily alert. It will let you know all electronic (non-paper) deposits that were made to your account, the business day before; i.e. payroll, tax refund, pensions, on-line transfers, etc…

There are many factors that affect this. It depends on what time the transaction took place, when the merchants send their transactions, and whether the alert is a daily or real-time alert. Please note that it is possible to receive alerts in the middle of the night.

Here are just a few reasons why you might want to use FMB Alerts:

  • You will know whenever a debit card transaction posts, either by you or by the joint owner, debit card alerts are set up per account, not per card.
  • As an additional fraud prevention tool. If you receive an alert for a debit card transaction that you did not authorize you should contact the bank and minimize if not eliminate the loss due to fraud. However, this should not replace reviewing your bank statement for accuracy.
  • Help you to avoid overdraft fees, by using the Low Balance Alert.
  • Know that your automatic loan payment has posted to your loan.

Within the Messages center click on the appropriate “FMB Alert” link within the Message center. In the pop-up window click on the “Edit” icon and update your information, this will need to be done on each alert separately.