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My Rewards Plus™

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The My Rewards Plus™ program awards points for every debit card “signature based” transaction.  In other words, when you choose “credit” and sign for your debit card transactions you will begin earning points.  These points can be used to redeem merchandise or gift cards from the My Rewards Plus™ Website.  Extra points can be earned by doing all of your online shopping through the Perks Points Mall which you can access from your My Rewards Plus™ Website.


Points will accrue on your Consumer Visa Debit Card, HSA Visa Debit Card and Business Visa Debit Cards at 1 point for every $3.00 spent.  With our Mascot Debit Cards you can earn points and still give to your local school through our Mascot Debit Card Program.  Mascot Debit Cards accrue points at 1 point for every $5.00 spent.