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Certificate of Deposit

A Certificate of Deposit is a smart addition to your investment portfolio. It offers the security of a fixed return for a term that meets your needs and is FDIC Insured. Longer terms offer potentially higher interest rates while shorter terms mean quicker access to your funds.

Check out our current rates on our CDs or to determine your savings and use our Savings Goal Calculator to help you determine how to reach your goal.

Certificate of Deposit AccountsCompoundMin Deposit
91 DAY At Maturity $1,000.00
6 MONTH Quarterly $500.00
8 MONTH Monthly $500.00
10 MONTH Monthly $500.00
1 YEAR Quarterly $500.00
14 MONTH Monthly $5,000.00
18 MONTH Quarterly $500.00
19 MONTH Monthly $5000.00
2 YEAR Quarterly $500.00
30 MONTH Quarterly $500.00
33 MONTH Quarterly $5,000.00
3 YEAR Quarterly $500.00
4 YEAR Quarterly $500.00
5 YEAR BUMP UP Quarterly $500.00
5 YEAR Quarterly $500.00

*Funds cannot be added during a term. Penalty for early withdrawal.