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SBA Loan Education Center

FMB cares about your business and wants your organization to thrive!
We've created an education center on SBA lending which includes helpful information geared toward your start-up or existing business.

SBA Research Partners

Are you looking to start your own business or possibly expand an existing business? If so, there is a lot of information a lender needs to underwrite the request and make a decision to provide financing (SBA-guaranteed or otherwise) to a small business customer, especially if you are a start-up. This would include things like a business plan, cash flow projections and business financials. If you want to move forward but feel like you could use some assistance, the SBA has the following resource partners who can help both start-up and existing businesses:

In addition to helping with the start-up phase (business plans, cash flow projections, etc.), SBA resource partners can help a business through every other phase of the business cycle. Perhaps you are facing some challenges or could use some training in a particular area of weakness and could use a business mentor. These organizations provide free (or low cost) one-on-one counseling and training and are part of the SBA’s extended team (funded through cooperative agreements or grants).

If you could benefit from working with an SBA resource partner, we encourage you to reach out to one or more of these organizations.