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FMB Routing Number

Routing numbers are used to help banks safely and securely send money to other banks. The FMB routing number is 081914131.  If you are needing to do automatic deposits, this number should be all you need.

This number can also be found at the bottom of your checks or deposit slips.

Important Note for Wire Transfers:

  1. Receiver Bank Routing Number -086505273  (MIB Jefferson City, MO)
  2. Beneficiary Financial Institution– Routing Number: 081914131 Farmers & Merchants Bank St. Clair MO 63077
  3. Beneficiary – The final credit belongs in this account, which is held at Farmers & Merchants Bank.
  4. Address – Please include Street Address, City, State, Zip.

Example:  Account 1234567890    John Doe, 999 Main St., Anytown, MO 43210

Additional identifying information directed to any of the three parties above may be included to facilitate posting of the wire transfer.  Some examples might be:

  1.  Invoice numbers
  2.  An attention line to a particular person, department, or branch
  3.  A specific purpose for the funds (Johnny’s graduation)

Additional Information for Incoming International Wire:

Additional messaging may be facilitated through the SWIFT system.  MIB’s SWIFT Code is as follows:  MIBBUS44

There will be a fee for all incoming wires.  Please see our Charges for Bank Services for a list of our current charges.