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Did you know...?

Below are some quick tips for success!

Bill Pay - Quick Pay Option

You are able to pay multiple payees at once and get one confirmation at the end. Please follow these steps:

  • Click Move Money
  • Click New Transaction
  • Choose the pay-from account
  • Instead of selecting a payee, click the people icon in the top right corner
  • Click the checkbox next to each payee you wish to pay & click Next
  • The wizard will walk you through each payee to enter an amount & date for each
  • You will get one summary screen for all payments before submitting
  • The Print feature will print all the payments together on your confirmation

Debit Cards 

We can print debit cards on-demand in minutes in our bank. This allows us to issue debit cards to our customers the same day, active and ready to use. 

Mobile Banking

Card Management is available on our mobile app. It allows customers to turn their cards on and off any time they wish.