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Simple ways to reduce stress....

some only take a few minutes


~Take a walk in nature to relieve tension, decrease frustration and increase calm feelings.  Even 5 minutes outside can boost your mood!

~A good belly laugh increases oxygen intake, relaxes muscles, lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisol levels and releases natural painkillers.  Just a few minutes of laughter can be a terrific stress reliever.

~Hang with friends.  Buddies buffer stress by reducing cortisol and increase the body’s natural opiates.  Call, text, FaceTime…

~Eat a square of chocolate.  It’s rich in flavanols and coca consumption also increases nitric oxide in the blood, opening blood vessels and reducing blood pressure.  The brain also releases feel-good endorphins. 

~Get a pet.  Petting a furry friend reduces blood pressure and stress levels.  

~Get Dirty.  Good bacteria in dirt increases the release of serotonin and improves mood in the same way as anti-depressants do.

~Get good sleep.  Too much cortisol contributes to nighttime wakefulness and worries that keep you up. 

~Get moving.  Exercise pumps out feel-good endorphins, improves mood, aids sleep and acts as moving meditation.